Nikon’s ECLIPSE MA100N is an affordable, flexible, compact, modular, inverted microscope for episcopic optical contrast techniques in conjunction with digital imaging camera accessories. It is ideal for metallurgical material inspection in many industrial applications.

Nikon microscope distributed by Affri

Compact, Robust, User-Friendly, Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Superb Nikon CFI60-2 optics provide excellent images to both eyepieces and to the optional port on Nikon’s digital imaging cameras with analysis software. The microscope design allows complementary optical contrast techniques.


The MA100N is an inverted microscope with episcopic illumination for routine inspection of industrial materials and components as well as for research and development

Nikon CFI60-2 Optical Series

Nikon’s innovative design enables clear, high-contrast brightfield and simple polarization (POL) optical contrast techniques.

Nikon Digital Sight Cameras

All Nikon Digital Sight cameras efficiently capture images of a sample and deliver them to the image processing software of the NIS-Elements suite.

Nikon CFI60-2 Optical Series

Nikon’s CFI60-2 TU Plan EPI objective lens series provides the ultimate in long working distance capability together with an advanced chromatic aberration correction system.

LED Illumination, Compact Body

A dedicated LED illuminator is incorporated, providing long life, low power consumption and diffused illumination, avoiding unwanted shading effects. The MA100N is of strong, compact, robust construction.

Modular Component Accessories

Selected optical components match the user’s application. The MA100N has an optional third optical path to a photo port on a Nikon Digital Sight camera. Image analysis is performed within Nikon’s NIS-Elements software suite.

Modular Stage, Object Holders

The MA100N offers a 3-plate stage design for moving the sample without sliding. The plain stage design has an optional mechanical stage and a range of holders.