NWL200 Wafer Loader Series

Nikon’s innovative, fully featured NWL200 wafer loaders support comprehensive inspection of 6″ (150mm) and 8″ (200mm) diameter semiconductor wafers by optical microscope or video measurement systems e.g. Nikon NEXIV.

Nikon microscope distributed by Affri

Sophisticated, Trusted Loader for Handling a Variety of Wafers

The NWL Series is a superb line-up of semiconductor wafer loaders from Nikon capable of transferring 6″ (150mm) and 8″ (200mm) diameter wafers down to a thickness of 100 microns (option) onto Nikon Eclipse L200N and LV150N microscopes or a NEXIV VMZ-S video measuring system.

High Reliability in Semiconductor Production

When the power supply is interrupted unexpectedly, the vacuum chuck of the macro arm remains active, allowing safe wafer removal.

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Macro Inspection Functions

Semiconductor wafer front side pattern, back periphery and center area inspection is supported. The wafer rotation speed and tilt angle are set automatically or manually.