WIKI 90 JS (2)
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NEW!WIKI 90 JS - Simple Micro Vickers hardness testing machine
 Micro Vickers hardness tester Wiki90


Test loads: from 1 gf to 62.5 kgf (0.0098 to 612.9 N)

Vickers ISO 6507 / ASTM E-384 E-92: HV0.001 - HV0.005 - HV0.01 - HV0.015 - HV0.02 - HV0.025 - HV0.05 - HV0.1 - HV0.2 - HV0.3 - HV0.5 - HV1 - HV2 - HV3 - HV5 - HV10 - HV20 - HV30 - HV50

Knoop ISO 4545 / ASTM E-384 E-92: HK0.01 - HK0.02 - HK0.025 - HK0.05 - HK0.1 - HK0.2 - HK0.3 - HK0.5 - HK1

Brinell ISO 6506 / ASTM E-10: HBW 1/1 - HBW 1/1.25 - HBW 1/2.5 - HBW 2.5/62.5 - HBW 1/5 - HBW 1/10 - HBW 1/30 - HBW 2.5/6.25 - HBW 2.5/7.8125 - HBW 2.5/15.625 - HBW 2.5/31.25 - HBW 2.5/62.5




Vickers hardness tester turret
Horizontally rotating turret with four slots for magnification lenses and two for indenters. All optical microscope objectives can be pre-installed and combined with indenters for every Vickers and Knoop hardness scales.

Automatic Reading

Vickers auto reading
Automatic indentation reading through camera. To make the test just place the specimen under position, push the start button: the hardness tester will make the contact, apply the test force, switch to the objective, measure the indent and give the result.

Closed Loop (Pat. AFFRI)

Hardness tester Closed Loop
Load forces are applied through load cells and controlled in "Closed Loop" with a frequency of 1 khz, assuring perfect linearity in every range. Results are not affected by misalignment or problems associated with dead weight systems on traditional testers


Vickers hardness tester xy stage
Manual XY table 100x100mm with 10 μm step. This table is a perfect solution for manual CHD case depth tests and can be provided with digital micrometers for automatic CHD graph generation.

Precise fucusing

Vickers auto reading
The ergonomic and handly wheel on the tester side controls the Z stroke. It allows precise focus adjustmens as well as fast movements.

Lifting system

Hardness tester Closed Loop
The vertically sliding chromed spindle is a perfectly steble support for the specimen. It is possible to install different types of pieceholder anvils.


Vickers Knoop hardness tester software

- High definition monitor 24”
- Clear view of the indentation and the testing zone
- Direct conversion in HR, HB, HK and other scales
- Visual control of all results and live statistics
- Print results from template or save / import test cycles from archive
- Customizable test report with customer logo, specimen information, statistics and graphs
- Control the whole instrument with the mouse

The AFFRI Vickers measuring software has been studied to fulfill any client need and to be accessible to every operator. This is a “SMART SOFTWARE” which results extremely easy to be used and can be customized to display only needed testing procedures.

Automatic reading

Vickers hardness tester turret
Vickers, Knoop and Brinell measurements with the same hardness testing machine. From perfectly polished to rough & etched samples, the software will automatically measure indents on any sample surface.

Automatic Illumination

Vickers auto reading
Automatic light regulation on dark, opaque or polished samples. The hardness tester controls and adjusts the light and contrast to find the right combination and measure the indent. Just place the specimen and click the illumination button to see the change.

Test report

Hardness tester Closed Loop
Customizable test report with client logo and information. Put as many sample information as you need, including pictures of the indents and test area. Examine results, statistics and CHD diagram. Results can be exported also as CSV file.



Vickers hardness tester turret
This software pack is provided with digital micrometers and it is used for assisted CHD case depth tests with automatic CHD graph generation.


Vickers auto reading
Easy testing on welded samples thanks to the predefined patterns templates and the drag positioning feature for groups of indents.


Hardness tester Closed Loop
Grain Size Analysis (ASTM E112 and EN ISO 643), automatic Spheroidal Graphite Nodule Analysis (ISO 945) and utomatic Phase Percentage Analysis.



DIN-EN-ISO 6506 / DIN-EN-ISO 6507 / DIN-EN-ISO 4545 / ASTM E-92 / ASTM E-384 / JIS B 7734
X/Y table
Manual - 100x100 mm with 10 μm step
Vertical head stroke
0/135 mm
Depth capacity
163 mm
Indent reading

Manual focus with automatic and manual reading

Force range

0.09807 - 0.1471- 0.1961 - 0.2452 - 0.4903 - 0.9807 - 1.961 - 2.942 - 4.903 - 9.807 - 19.61 - 29.42 - 49.03 - 98.07 N
(0.01 - 0.015 - 0.02 - 0.025 - 0.05 - 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.3 - 0.5 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 10 kgf)
As optional:
From 0.0098 to 0.09807 N (1 gf to 10 gf)
From 98.1 to 612.9 N (10 to 62.5 kgf)

Feasible tests
On request Knoop and Brinell
Load accuracy
Better than 0.05 %