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 portable hardness tester ASTM 

OUR PORTABLE HARDNESS TESTERS CONFORM TO THE international standard ASTM E3246-21! Standard Test Methods for Differential Indentation Depth Hardness of Metallic Materials

ASTM 3246-21 Standard test methods for differential indentation depth hardness of metallic materials. Full validity of the hardness measurements obtained with all the portable hardness testers AFFRI METALTEST, MKII, HARDTEST, METALTESTER with the same precision of the measurements obtained in laboratory with stationary hardness testers. This adds further confirmation of the high technological level of the AFFRI hardness tester system, (US Patent 3367174) which has always been considered the reference for precision and reliability.

Portable AFFRI hardness testerThe first portable hardness tester was designed and produced by Affri! More than 65 years ago!
Even today, our research and development center is our heart that continuously develops cutting-edge solutions. The Affri portable hardness testers are valid aid for measurements directly in production areas without resorting to the laboratory. The great advantage is to measure any metal, of any hardness and any thickness, even very thin, of a few hundredths of a mm with high precision.
Some examples? 0.3 mm sheet metal coils with Brinell hardness HB 200 hardness results with 1% accuracy.
Surface nitriding of 0.03mm HV 700 hardness results with 1% accuracy.
The AFFRI portable hardness tester was invented in the 1960s with American patent No. 3367174 and developed in different editions, now produced in many versions: Click here!

 portable hardness tester ASTM 
 portable hardness tester ASTM